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Visit Talipanan Mangyan School

Expperience their arts and crafts, what their modernized houses look like and what they really need to sustain and preserve their native language for the generations to come. 

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Heart of charity lives in this book!
More than learning for one student at a time.

Master the basics of investing for financial independence! 100% proceeds of this book will be donated to the author's Adopt-A-Library financial literacy program, to distribute books to public libraries and public high schools, free of charge. Educational outreach is made available for free. Contact us to arrange the author's public appearance at your library.

ABCs of Investing For Gen XYZ

The book cover shows the endangered Philippine eagle flying over Wall Street with the bear and bull.

This book will teach readers on how to weather market volatility, invest smartly, and stay invested for the long-term. Parents and Generation XYZ will learn ways to avoid mistake in investing, different types of financial investments, risk assessment, investment selection, retirement plans, uses of life insurance, case studies and basic estate planning, all within simple ABC steps.

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Miss Universe Filipina Catriona Elisa Gray received a copy of the same book during her visit at NYC.

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Our Mission

As a single mother of a household, a teacher and an entrepreneur who traveled from east to west.

Non-profit publisher of financial literacy books, to educate the next generation, protect vulnerable investors and guide them in the basics of investing in a volatile market.

We operate Eagle Eye Broadcasting to prevent financial scam, expose fraudulent social media activities, and feature professional advisers to discuss timely topics for common good.  

Charity Art Auction

We assist in disaster reliefs and raise funds for educational projects, culture and humanities.

Eagle Eye Charities, Inc promotes arts, culture and humanities through volunteer projects involving fundraising by artists for causes such as disaster reliefs and calamities worldwide. 

We also raise funds for artistic endeavors reaching out to children in far-flung areas to introduce them in the magical world of art. Because art heals. Art is more powerful than words!

New York C.E.O. says ...

Money doesn't grow on trees. Filipina American billionaire talked about their modest start.


“Excellent book on How To Grow Rich for those born from 1965 to the present. A must reading especially for young parents to teach their kids how to save, as a habit for the rest of their lives.” Loida Nicolas Lewis, Esq., Former Chair and CEO of TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc. Watch her in "Secrets of A Billion Dollar Empire" 

Free Book at Amazon: Dec 28-30, 2019 our gift to you!

Our books sales and donations benefit our art program for tribal village children.

For printed color edition:


Please log in once to when ordering from Amazon and choose Eagle Eye Charities Inc. for Amazon to donate 0.5% proceeds of all sales from any purchase.

100% donations go to Adopt-A-Library Program supplying free books to public libraries and funds delivery of art materials during our art sessions with tribal children.

Sustainable Fashion, Feb. 1

We also support sustainable lifestyle and preservation of endangered species in the wild.

Eagle Eye Charities, Inc. presented a sustainable fashion show designed by Aloysius Worldwide, a fusion of French-Filipino fashion utilizing indigenous materials and beadwork by tribal women, during our official launch at the Philippine Center New York.

Eagle Eye Charities, Inc also supports preservation of endangered wildlife species, promotes sustainable travel and tourism practices, preservation of indigenous culture and assist local communities to access livelihood programs.


The most vulnerable citizens are seniors, we look out for their healthcare and advanced planning.

Q: Is there a formula to determine the ratio of stock versus bond ownership inside our portfolio, based on age? 

A: No, recommendation is based on suitability in terms of liquidity, experience , time horizon, financial goals and size of assets. A retiree age 65 can look forward to another 20-30 years ahead, and must ensure a carefully balanced portfolio, for growth, income and capital preservation. An age-based target asset allocation may be used but not the best gauge.

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